23 July 2014

Fixture's for UNDER 11s All Divisions. 1st March 2014. 

Fixtures will be ammended. All divisions will only play each other once. 1st will then play 3rd, 2nd play 4th, etc. this will then give us play offs for division Title and all places. If any fixtures have already been played but others are outstanding I will arrange inter divisionals to fill the gaps. All are Weather Permitting.

Read more at http://full-time.thefa.com/DisplayNews.do?noticePlacementID=318937233&noticeID=224301099&league=4344945#180yvMiKZHoEOjGk.99

Sunday fixtures, All teams will be given the 27th October as a free weekend for Half Term. Fixtures can be played if you are available and can confirm with an opposition. Let me know and I will schedule.

Under 11 playing schedule. You will have 2nd Nov. Off for half term. 
Inter-Divisionals will be scheduled for W/Ends of 21st Sept, 12th Oct, 9th Nov & 30th Nov.
As pre-Christmas is a friendly competition, Players have not been assigned to teams, therefore will not appear on any match forms.

Results must be reported as normal before 18.00 on Match Days, either by text to 07594 292418 or by e-mail (cdjfl.infoshare@yahoo.co.uk ). all e-mails will be receited.  Fines will be raised for non compliance.

Please note.   ALL TEAMS MUST CONFIRM KO TIMES ON-LINE. LOG-IN, then use fixture wizard to update your ko times. this can be done for ALL or just one. You can choose.

Please note. All youth team managers must use Full Time. This will allow access to fixture confirmation pages, KO time confirmations, team sheets including sportsmanship marking inputs,(referee's out of 100, teams out of 30.) player statistics and registration pages. All the above must be completed for all fixtures, to avoid fines.
Confirmation / KO time must be completed prior to the game by 21.00 hrs Monday. Match form / statisticts must be completed within 48 hrs after the game being played.

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